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Renaissance Program


Slater’s Renaissance Program is a schoolwide academic recognition program that rewards good grades, perfect attendance, and improved grades.  Our mission at Slater Middle School is to create a “renaissance” in education. We have four Renaissance Rallies a year to celebrate the accomplishments of Slater students.  Students can receive three different levels of Renaissance incentives this year: A Gold Card (4.0) Silver Card (3.9-3.0) Red Card (2.9-2.5). A White Card is for students with perfect attendance and/or 0.5 GPA improvement. Students receive a packet of rewards and periodic handouts during the quarter. Depending on the level of your card, students receive more or fewer prizes. Students are also recognized on their birthday, as well as students of the month on a monthly basis. 

Renaissance is a nationwide program that rewards students for academic excellence, good attendance and improvement.  Students that meet the requirements listed below at the end of each quarter will receive a Renaissance card effective the following quarter.  

Gold Card: 4.0 GPA 

Benefits: 12 perks and 3 teacher perks per class

Silver Card: 3.0 – 3.9 GPA (no Fs)

Benefits: 9 perks and 2 teacher perks per class

Red Card: 2.5 – 2.9 GPA (no Fs)

Benefits: 6 perks and 2 teacher perks per class

White Card:  Perfect attendance and/or .5 GPA IMPROVEMENT

Benefits: 3 perks and 1 teacher perk per class

No suspensions for any card level

Slater renaisance program

Dear Parents:

The Renaissance Club at Slater Middle School is conducting a Renaissance Program Fund Drive. The Renaissance Program is an innovative program designed to promote and recognize students’ academic achievements. Students are recognized and rewarded every quarter at assemblies for scholastic achievement, improvement, and perfect attendance. Each Renaissance achiever will receive a Renaissance card to redeem at school and coupons from local business sponsors. At every Renaissance rally, students have the chance to win exciting prizes such as, gift cards for movies and popular stores.

Particularly at the middle school level, students often receive negative peer pressure about getting good grades. Our Renaissance Program works specifically to provide a positive a outcome and desire for high scholastic achievement. The rallies work like sports rallies to generate the same kind of excitement for all students to root for good grades just as you might root for your favorite team.

All of this needs funding, of course, but with your support, we can provide the type of Renaissance Program that continues the startling success it has had every year. Hundreds of students are Renaissance achievers. Let’s increase that number by supporting a program that works!

Please donate by using the attached form. Any gift is tax-deductible. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and a tax-deductible “Thank You” will be sent promptly. Feel free to direct any questions to Wendy Provost or Kelly McMahon at (707) 528-5241

Thank You on behalf of all the HSMS Renaissance Achievers!

Renaissance Donation Form