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Mental Health & Wellness Services

Mental Health

Everyone needs extra support from time to time and this year we have Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) on campus to offer some of that support. Julie Mawod is a School Based Mental Health Clinician with SAY, and is offering mental health wellness services to students in the library offices on Mondays and Thursdays from 8-3. This is a completely voluntary and free service to our families. 

Students can receive individual support, participate in group activities, or receive resources for other services they might need. Julie is here to help your student have a great year, get along with peers, learn to communicate their feelings in appropriate ways, and succeed in school and at home. Many students would say that they want to be able to be a good friend, get along with parents and siblings, and do well in school, but often they do not know how to do these things. Julie is here to help students with those very concerns. Julie is also excited to connect with you through parent support nights and provide families’ information and referrals to meet your needs. 

As a SAY clinician Julie will create a confidential and safe environment to help your student feel comfortable to openly speak about the issues that they struggle with at school, at home or with peers. As a parent you are welcome to connect with her at any time with questions, concerns, or feedback. A consent form will be sent home with students who have been recommended for these services and you can choose whether this is the type of support you need, or connect to Julie for referrals to other types of help you feel would best fit your family.